Connor Heartstone


Connor is a merchant by heart, he and his wife(Isabell) travels around the countries with some of there children, at the moment they have 9 daughters. There youngest daughter(Dani) have a tailer shop i Rooks Nets. Some of Connors other daughters, have shops in other city’es, and Connor always try to visit them at least once a year.

When Connor is asked about his daughters, he is very proude of how they are doing, but in reality it is his good eye for business, that keeps the shops going.

When askes more closly about it all, he confesses, not all of his daughters are his, but he will tell no more.

Connor has made a contract with The Lucky One’s regarding his daughters shop: He will hold the shop for 5 years, the first 2 years are tax free, the next 3 years he will pay 10% in tax.

Connor Heartstone

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